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Volvo F12  VTB Veenendaal
Volvo F12 VTB Veenendaal

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D9G Push Dozer with 9C Cushion Blade – Die-cast
ccm D9G+D9C


The Model:

Joining the ranks of our ever-expanding collection of 1:48 scale, die-cast models is the Cat D9G Track-Type Tractor produced in 3 configurations.  Standing at just over 2¼” tall, 6″ long, and 2.5″ wide, this configuration features a 9C Cushion Blade with 9C Cushion Blade at the rear.  Exceptional detailing on this model includes:

• 9C Cushion Blade
• Fully Articulated Blade
• Single Cylinder Bulldozer
• Blade Mounted to Main Frame
• Hydraulic Lines and Tanks
• Functional Track Tensioners
• Replicated Cushion Block
• Individually Linked, Free-Rolling Tracks
• Open Operator’s Station
• Accurately Replicated Operator Station
• Control Levers, Pedals, & Instruments
• Detailed Engine Visible Through Open Bay

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.

Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

The Machine:

Introduced in 1961 as a replacement for the Cat® D9E, the D9G was the largest dozer produced at the time of it’s introduction.  With a wide range of tools and attachments, the D9G was one of the most powerful, productive, and versatile machines in the Caterpillar® lineup.  Some of the most notable uses of the D9G were for push-loading scrapers, although it could be equipped with rippers, one of several types of blades available, or configured as a DD9G with Dual D9 Tractors in tandem for use in a wide variety of applications where the full power of two tractors was needed.

Equipped with the 9C Push Blade and Cushion Push Block, this configuration provided flexibility in push-loading situations.  Mounted to the main frame, the Cushion Bulldozer features rubber springs behind the blade to absorb on-the-go shock contact.

Production Year: 2018



D9G Push Dozer with 9C Cushion Blade – Die-cast

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